Sunday, December 27, 2015

Baby Room Tour!

Well, yesterday Herbie and I had a little excitement. I went into false labor... and was it painful. It felt like the same kind of pain I had with my gall bladder... but it wasn't. Needless to say, it made me realize that I need to double check and make sure the baby room, bags, and diaper "stations" in the house were ready to go! This post is just going to be a tour of little H's room, but I'll post what I decided to put in my diaper and hospital bag later (promise). 

I think the room is set up pretty well, but we will see what I need and don't need once little H get's here. :) 

The crib was hand-made by Herbie's older brother and we absolutely love it! <3

I painted the canvas with Herbie's name on it as well as the feathers and bird watercolor. A lovely woman I teach with painted the little fox in the field for a baby shower gift. 

The pillows and comforter don't go together at all, I know. I'm trying to slowly put together a bed for his room and kind of threw all of my extra pillows on there. I found the fire engine quilt at Goodwill for $9.99 and absolutely fell in love! Even if it didn't go with any pillows I have. ;) The framed typography was a Christmas present from one of my brothers and his wife. I absolutely love it and they had no idea I had been eyeing it at Fred Meyer for months! I'm glad they bought it because it fits our little family perfectly. <3

Now, I know we can't have stuffed animals in the crib with the baby for safety reasons, but until he gets here, I just thought they would be cute to decorate his bed and to help welcome him home. 

We decided to take the closet doors off of the closet and I don't think I want to put them back on. I like being able to see everything (including our 1.5 million blankets)! I know there are a lot of blankets, but I love having them and know I will sew them together for a quilt when little H get's older. I'm super sentimental that way. ;) 

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