Sunday, December 27, 2015

Baby Room Tour!

Well, yesterday Herbie and I had a little excitement. I went into false labor... and was it painful. It felt like the same kind of pain I had with my gall bladder... but it wasn't. Needless to say, it made me realize that I need to double check and make sure the baby room, bags, and diaper "stations" in the house were ready to go! This post is just going to be a tour of little H's room, but I'll post what I decided to put in my diaper and hospital bag later (promise). 

I think the room is set up pretty well, but we will see what I need and don't need once little H get's here. :) 

The crib was hand-made by Herbie's older brother and we absolutely love it! <3

I painted the canvas with Herbie's name on it as well as the feathers and bird watercolor. A lovely woman I teach with painted the little fox in the field for a baby shower gift. 

The pillows and comforter don't go together at all, I know. I'm trying to slowly put together a bed for his room and kind of threw all of my extra pillows on there. I found the fire engine quilt at Goodwill for $9.99 and absolutely fell in love! Even if it didn't go with any pillows I have. ;) The framed typography was a Christmas present from one of my brothers and his wife. I absolutely love it and they had no idea I had been eyeing it at Fred Meyer for months! I'm glad they bought it because it fits our little family perfectly. <3

Now, I know we can't have stuffed animals in the crib with the baby for safety reasons, but until he gets here, I just thought they would be cute to decorate his bed and to help welcome him home. 

We decided to take the closet doors off of the closet and I don't think I want to put them back on. I like being able to see everything (including our 1.5 million blankets)! I know there are a lot of blankets, but I love having them and know I will sew them together for a quilt when little H get's older. I'm super sentimental that way. ;) 

Friday, December 11, 2015

Small Town Shop, Dayton Oregon

Herbie and I purchased our first home in Dayton, Oregon. It is a small town right in the heart of wine country. We love it. Herbie normally doesn't talk about how much he loves things (willingly), but after the first night we moved in, we drove through town and he said, "Isn't it just so nice to not have a ton of traffic, no one is really around, and it takes two minutes to get through town?" I responded simply "yes." I mean, it is really nice here. We both grew up in small towns so it was the perfect first choice for us.

Of course, his work is super close (minus when he has to drive to Portland or Vancouver) and my work... well I can at least take back roads to get to it. ;)

I was pleasantly surprised when I was driving home and I saw that a new shop had opened by our favorite breakfast spot. :D Dayton Mercantile.

They have THE most adorable little gifts for sale, and I'm so glad they opened before Christmas, because I have no clue what to get my mom, sister in law, and friends. They have everything that I would want (and that the ladies in my life would want).


Basic Photoshop Editing for Photographers

Herbie and the pups and I went to Gold Beach for Thanksgiving. We had amazing sunny weather even though it was chilly, which meant gorgeous pictures on the coast! These photos have been edited for vibrance and brightness, so no, they are not straight out of camera (SOOC).

I realized that there are some simple edits that I do on a daily basis when editing my own and client photos, and some people may want to know how to do them. I have taught these to my students as well. I created screen captures to demonstrate how to use them (and I've included the links here!)

 The most basic edits are:

1) Creating a gradient filter layer with complimentary colors:

2) Using the dodge tool to lighten eyes, create highlights, brighten dark spots:

3) Painting a color on a new layer and decreasing opacity to intensify the colors of an image:

4) Using the clone stamp tool to remove an object from your image and replace it with something else from the image:

In the above photo, I created more contrast and brightness, but I also painted on purple at the botttom and turquoise in the water and decreased the opacity (number 3 on the list). This made the colors more intense. :)

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