Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Illustrations, watercolor, and my micron pen

I have a weakness, and it is the crippling need to start new projects all the time.

I consistently start new designs, drawings, and paintings consistently because I am so overwhelmed with inspiration that I want to create everything that comes to mind. 

Am I the only one who feels this way? ;) 

Either way, I have a few designs that I have no idea where to take next. 

For example, I painted this wreath and I am struggling to decide what to put in the middle or how to make it feel "complete," but I'm not sure what I want to do. I like it the way it is! However, I want to frame it and make it feel like a complete piece of art. I just have been stuck for about a year and it sits in my portfolio. 

The next wreath I started a long time ago and finally finished it with micron pen. Micron 005 to be exact. I LOVE THESE PENS! I just don't want to color this in! I love it, but am having the same issue. Is it complete or is it not? 

This gorgeous illustration is something I just finished filling the pencil in with pen and I'm deciding if I want to color it in or add detail to. 

The last image is the only illustration that I finished (or at least feel like it is finished). I think the thing is, if I get my colors planned out or at least have a color reference, I feel more prepared to complete the design. I wonder if this is the process other people go through? Sometimes I feel like my perfectionism in my art is hindering me. ;) 

This illustration is one of my favorites. Obviously I love minimalism, so only having one color in the piece was great! I feel like it worked for this too. The watercolor really lends itself to creating texture all on its own. I love the medium and how unpredictable it can be. 

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Still Life Photography

Arguably my favorite time of year to photograph anything, family portraits, nature, still life, is in the fall. I mean if you are a lover of intense color and moody lighting, then this is the time of year, especially in Oregon to take photographs.

Currently, I'm on Skillshare.com looking at improving my still life photography and was playing around with the idea of setting up a still life in my kitchen. I personally drool over all of the photographs in food magazines and on pinterest. So naturally, I wanted to take a few pictures of my own. It was super easy!

First of all, you need a window. Check.

You need some props that look pretty together. I had lemons, a creamer, and a sugar bowl. I also grabbed some gorgeous kitchen towels from Williams Sonoma (on sale of course because they have insane prices).

I put all of the props on my kitchen counter by the window. Now, take note: Do NOT photograph in full sun. It creates the worst shadows. Luckily today was a cloudy day and I shot in the morning so I had nice diffused light.

Essentially the biggest rule to follow is to have an odd number of items in you picture. Its just a rule that I learned in my art classes. It looks better and I cannot remember the "science" behind it. Just take my word for it.

I shot the images, put them in photoshop, made sure I liked the contrast and brightness and any other edits, and voila:

I HIGHLY recommend Skillshare.com. I'm doing the trial for ten days and its free. After that, I believe it's $9.99 a month which I think is worth it. I'm always trying to learn new things I can teach my students and use on my own.

You would think I was drinking tea, but I actually was getting ready to make my morning coffee:

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