Friday, April 24, 2015

Plan your social media posts, increase your audience

Have you ever wondered why some businesses are just so great at getting clients or followers on social media? It is because they have taken time to figure out when customers are on social media, and how they use social media. I found these charts to help me plan out what and when I post to social media:

What content should you share where, and who is looking at it: 

How often to post to each site: 

 What content is typically the best to post to each site: 

I hope this is a good tool for you! It has clarified what I should be doing in terms of post management. So what should you do next?

1) Decide on content. Quality trumps quantity. Make sure its valuable to your clients or readers. 

2) Create the content and determine a calendar method to map out where and when you'll post the content. 

3) Use scheduling tools to post on your behalf. Hootsuite is a great to do this! 

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