Thursday, March 26, 2015

Client thank-you packages

I always feel like I should thank people for believing in me enough to take their family portraits, or engagement sessions, or newborn portraits. You might think why?

There are so many other qualified and highly talented photographers out there that could just as easily take great portraits for them, yet they chose me. Plus, I don't like just sending a USB in an envelope without something else in there as well!

It seems.... lonely.

I decided that normal thank-you cards were too boring. Why not get something that is a little unusual? I wanted to include a unique touch to my thank-yous as well. You'll understand why...

When I was younger, my aunt would always put confetti in all of the cards she gave me. Now, it was messy but I loved it! It was like a little gift in the card. That is what I wanted to do with my cards.... except the confetti are large cutouts compared to tiny shreds of paper (you can see them in the picture below).

I got this scrapbooking kit at Michaels and absolutely love it! Now, these are meant to be put in a scrapbook of course, but they are perfect for using as cards to clients. :)

So... what do I include in my thank you package?

  1. The card and confetti in an envleope.
  2. The USB with their images.
  3. A couple of images I had printed from
  4. Sometimes I include little journals or oragami or small items that are cute.

What do you think would be good to include on something like this?

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