Thursday, February 19, 2015

Hypothyroidism and my Raw.Vegan.Healthy life

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There are days where I completely just want to eat nothing but Burgerville. Most days (recently) I have had the privilege of eating a raw/vegan diet. You may be thinking it's my New Years resolution or something, but honestly, I didn't make one. I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism. It's hereditary and awful. My primary care doctors never realized I had it. It wasn't until I saw a naturopath that I finally caught it. 

It was so bad that when my doctor got the results she came all the way back from her other office in Hood River (3-4 hours away) just to see me and get me on medication. She said if I would have kept going like this I would have had serious medical issues. I asked why my doctors never caught it. My mom has it and I would get tested once a year to be sure I didn't have it. She told me the scales they use to show the healthy range of thyroid hormone are outdated and not true according to new research. They just never updated those scales. 

I was like shouldn't the medical field be protecting us and not letting these things fall through the cracks?! She said yes.... (Rant over)

Anyway long story short, I am eating better because I don't want to have medical issues like this become worse down the road. My hormones are out of whack. I can't lose weight. I feel older than I really am. I could fall asleep (and have) in my car on the drive home on a daily basis. My brain is foggy. The list goes on and on. I just want to feel normal!

Most people in my shoes have the same issue and are undiagnosed. 

The best solution without meds (or with) is to eat Paleo. Eat whole and not processed. The only problem is that I'm allergic to lots of foods (discovered by a food allergy test). So I can't eat dairy any gluten or wheat products, eggs, crab, bananas, mushrooms, and I think alcohol. I'm guessing the last one though. Haha. 

What can I eat?!!! Well I've been eating Paleo ish. More raw and vegan actually. I have a break down below:

AM: raw smoothie - raw vegan protein powder with spinach and almond milk, goji berries, coconut oil, and a dollop of peanut butter. Yum. 

Lunch and dinner are basically huge salads: avocado cucumber, roasted veggies, spinach, tomatoes, dressing.

I know it sounds depriving but I am full all the time and eat all the time. Granted it's mostly veggies... But I don't crave the other stuff. 

Let's see if a side effect is weight loss! I didn't start it to lose weight, but started it because I know most disease starts with a bad diet. This experience scared me. I could even have the possibility of not being able to have kids if my hormones are off. I really don't want to take that chance. 

I have noticed I have more energy with the meds she put me on (armor thyroid) but I also feel more energy because of the way I'm eating. Today I actually had so much energy I wanted to go running. And guess what? I did.

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