Sunday, January 4, 2015

My life, as documented by my phone

Newberg Newberg
There are many things we take pictures of and never show anyone... Unless your my mom, then you show everyone.

I have a bad habit of keeping all the pictures I take. Things that I am to lazy to write down, pictures of things I find amusing, beautiful, funny. I take pictures of things that inspire me, but I also take pictures to actually use in social media. Needless to say, my photo album is a mess.

I also have to mention that I have this app on my phone called "Word Swag" (idk why, but the name is catchy) and I use it to put text/quotes over pictures I "borrow" from Pinterest (I use them purely for backgrounds on my phone!) I just have this obsession with fonts, okay?! I keep all of those to look at (I'm a little weird). I also keep pictures of hair styles I like, clothes I want to buy, really cool textures, colors, food... you get the idea.

There are also selfies, and snap-chats (that were stolen) that I don't post to social media, but are stored on my phone. However, its somehow okay to post here (right?) I figured, what the heck?! Why doesn't everyone else do this? The world would be much more interesting! ;)

This is me... through my phone.

(Because they're too adorable)

(Raylee's searching for daddy with her nose)

(Because our dogs are more famous and loved than us.) 

(My little bird and her momma)

(Because I thought it was a cool shot)

(Because I thought I was cool)

(What I wake up to)

(Because I love his snaps <3)

(Because... it's Koda)

(Because I love looking at makeup, okay?!)

(That one time Raylee balanced her bone on her head)

(Still can't decide which color I like best, so I made this pic stitch to help me decide... Still can't decide)

(Because... they love each other!)

(His and Hers)

(First Christmas mantle!)

(I really really want to make one. It was a good idea!)

(Because I miss Ireland everyday and need a reminder...)

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