Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My second family session!

First of all, let me say that I am beyond excited to be a photographer. It's really odd to say that because I feel like I wear many hats and an official professional photographer didn't seem like one I'd have. I especially didn't think so when I became a teacher. What teacher has time for that? Isn't teaching your passion? How can you have two passions and professions? The truth is that I've been telling myself that for a long time and I finally realized... Well, why not?! If people like my product and they want me to make it for them, doesn't that qualify me? I think so. 

So with my second official session I wanted to share some things I've learned. 

1) Plan. Everything. 

Not only did I plan the area to shoot the session but I also walked around and planned where I wanted to take each shot. I definitely realized I needed to plan for other things like how cold the weather was, how exactly I'd do each pose with an even number and how to deal with sometimes stiff models! I planned the props I was going to use and I also grabbed extra batteries and sd cards. Go me! That saved my butt.

2. Really plan your poses and how to get clients to relax. 

I am still learning how to do this. Getting a natural look that's planned is hard to do, but getting the unexpected shots are best. This is why I'm going to have an activity involved of some kind in my next sessions. Cold poses aren't what I want to capture so I have to plan to create an environment that allows for natural and candid shots. 

3. Get good lenses (and make sure your sensor is good too).

I love my 50mm but cannot wait to get my 85 mm prime lens! That will do much more for me and I won't have to get in my subjects faces! The prime lenses have amazing bokeh and let in so much light that it brightens the portraits. My sensor is an aps-c, and is great at high ISO. However having a full frame would be awesome too. For now, I'm loving my Nikon D5100. :)

That's what I went away with after the session. My client is actually a good friend of mine and her family were good sports about being in the cold! Take a look at some of the shots. :)

I edited these in Photoshop but decided later to use Lightroom.

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