Monday, December 22, 2014

Little bits of me.

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I am normally a private person. Yes, I do have an online presence and use social media, but I definitely don't put my dirty laundry or problems out to air in the massive world of the internet.

Lately it has been difficult to decide what direction to take my design business and how to be open, yet not too open on my blog/website. Honestly, it is really difficult. You don't know if anyone is really reading or looking at all of your work online, and if they are, what do they think? I suppose that was one thing I had to get over if I really wanted to be successful and enjoy what I'm doing. No one wants to read fake blog posts or go to a website that has no soul or feeling to it.

Thinking about this has really helped me to figure out what to post about, what to write about, and really, what I want my business to be. I love love love graphic design and art, and I really love the photography that goes along with some of the graphic designs I've seen. I started photography in college with a 35 mm camera and a dark room. I honestly loved every minute of it.

The problem lately is deciding what do I want to do more? I am an entrepreneur at heart, but I also have a deep passion for art in all forms. Specifically illustration and photography.

So here I am... I've made it to the point that I know I want to continue on with photography. Yay me. The hard part is making time for other things like painting and drawing. (Well, Casi, why don't you take pictures of what you draw/paint?) Brilliant idea! And lucky you, you get to see the first of this journey... well it feels like the first even though I've been doing it on this blog for awhile. :) My main focus will be family photography because I just love working with the kids, and really capturing what no one else gets to see. Mostly, I love seeing their eyes light up when they see the final product. It really makes me feel good to make something that someone else treasures. <3

Two nights ago, I was scrolling through Etsy and saw a beautiful illustration of a girl with her hair in a loose bun. I fell in love and wanted to draw one for myself.

Essentially, I drew it with pencil and went in with my micronpen .03 and "shaded" it in. Hair is actually pretty hard to draw. Its essentially a lot of shading without worrying about blending in the hard lines. I'm my own worst critic and felt like I could have done better... but you know what, I got quite a few compliments and that is just fine. :) 

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