Saturday, December 27, 2014

Artistic Photography

Newberg Newberg
I started my "artistic" life when I was 5. My mother had beautiful antique books, and what did I do? I drew in them. I drew in or on anything I could. I had a need to create.

Growing up in the Pacific North West, I have such a beautiful place to call home and to inspire me. There have always been little things that I would take note of when hiking or camping, or just playing outside. I would take my grandmothers four wheeler out in the woods and stop and sit in some sunlight streaming through the trees. I believed in fairy's and all sorts of things you would normally see in a Harry Potter film, or Lord of the Rings. Nature was magical to me. I have to admit... it still is. So when I had a few days to spend down in Gold Beach during my winter break, I had the opportunity to take pictures of some things I find beautiful.

In case you were wondering, I edited these in photoshop using the same tools as I did in my youtube tutorial in my previous post!

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