Sunday, October 12, 2014

Lovely Little Things

I have been neglecting my blog lately... well for a few months actually. I've been teaching!

First teaching job ever. Loving every minute of it.

But... as I teach graphic design and video journalism, I keep wanting to do the projects that my students are doing... my creative side is aching to get out and just make something!

Lack of time = no website & no new creations/posts.

I do have some time this weekend and decided I have to make time for this. I'm fully moved with Herbie and our doggies, and have my routine down. Now its time to get some blogging done!

With neglecting my blog, I have come to realize I have been neglecting other things.... like taking care of myself. Recently, I have gotten into a good workout routine, but poor eating habits have been negating what work I'm doing!

Some of my friends created a group on facebook to track our eating and keep each other accountable. I can't tell you how useful this is.

We are all supposed to track what we eat and post each meal to the page. If we don't, we're kicked off the team! Talk about motivation. ;) I think its fun, mainly because I have some neat apps on my phone to take cool pictures with.

Here's day 1:

Clean eating is kind of hard to start, but once you do, you really don't feel good going back. Processed foods are full of things that just gunk up your system. I recently purchased a book that I may have mentioned before about the benefits of clean eating called "The Beauty Detox Diet."

(Not hard to stick to, but hard to start)

When I do stick to it, I notice a difference in how I feel and how I look. Not to mention, I actually have energy when I come home from work. My roadblock right now is creamer in coffee and days I forget to bring a snack. 

Recently, I meal prepped for a week and it literally was the only way for me to stay on track. When I get home I'm starving and this is the way to not come home and binge on anything in sight. Being a teacher, we don't really have much time during the week to cook with grading and planning and all. 

I have also found that planning my meals out on paper helps too. Heres a link to a pinterest page to grab some planners off of: 

Hoping this is helpful to some of you!

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