Thursday, July 31, 2014

Unit and Lesson Planning for a New Teacher

Well this is my first year as a teacher. I have the job, the classroom, and all the support. Why is it I feel like....

The only problem with me being a teacher is that there are way too many options for lesson planning and awesome things to do with my students. I'll be teaching graphic design, video journalism, and computer applications. I honestly don't know where to start! (I do, but I go on tangents in my head about all the possibilities, and its hard!)

I did make a pretty awesome website.... Here for all of my classes and papers. 

So what to do to narrow down and get going on planning? I really had to find my own method. It is so difficult to find a streamlined way to get down to the nitty gritty and have a way to pump out your unit plans so your not scrambling when school starts. I hate traditional unit plans (especially the ones used for my masters degree) and decided to come up with my own. I also decided to make my own kind of scope and sequence to help me visualize and organize what I needed to focus on. 

I have attached my unit plan (2 pages) below as well as my daily lesson plan template (1 page). I think they're pretty awesome. 

The unit plan needed an overview. Basically what do I want to accomplish with the unit itself. There are goals (standards), essential questions (or what the unit is really asking the students to answer), the learning targets are what the students should be able to do after learning the content, and then the outline of the content is really up to the person using the template. The second page is mostly for outlining how long it will take and on what days. The rest is pretty self explanatory. 

Unit Plan:

Daily Lesson Plan:

Why go to all the trouble you ask? Because I don't want to end up frazzled, hating life, and eventually hating children. I basically don't want to end up like Professor Umbridge in Harry Potter....

Hope this helps someone out there! :)

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